We are very humbled and fulfilled to inform you about our salient needs and necessities. Our institution’s foremost intention is to serve the education which has served us eminently. In order to show our gratitude, we have been doing umpteen activities in and around our territory. All these are done with the pure intention of mounting the standard of education in our region. Our institution is meant only for welfare activities and we don’t acquire profits by any means. All the expenditures for our projects are fetched via funding programs and sponsorships. We are supposed to undergo numerous challenges in doing this successfully, so to strengthen our institution and bolster our confidence we need strong financial support. We know our society is flourished with scholars and proponents who are always there to extend their patronage to our desperate attempt of raising the educational standards of our students. So we are expecting your assistance in building strong financial support. If you are pleased and impressed with our attempts and ready to contribute to us we humbly request you to contact our organization.
Contact details: – Visvaan (Senior Secretary) :- 0769196042

You can MAKE CASH deposits to any HNB Bank branch. Account details are given below:
Account Number: 0570 2022 7308
Account Name: Education Incentive ASSOCIATION
Please mention the CODE (give by Visvaan) as the REFERENCE in the bank deposit slip. NOTE: Please make sure to inform your contribution through the phone number.
[Visvaan (Senior Secretary) :- 0769196042]

All cheques should be drawn in favor of ‘Education Incentive ASSOCIATION’ and registered post to:
Education Incentive ASSOCIATION,
15/2,Trinco Road,
Gnanasooriyam Square,
30000 Sri Lanka
Thank you…