2019 – Annual General Meeting E.I.A


Venue : BT/Vincent Girls’ High School
Date : 15/04/2019
Time : 09.30 am

The meeting was called to order by the Senior President Suthakaran Viviyan. The first event was the one minute silence.
Following to that the minutes for the previous meeting was read by the Senior President Suthakaran Vivian. It was proposed by Kumarasamy Kandeepan and seconded by Vishvan.
Then the report of the past year projects was submitted by the President briefly.
Then the account statements for the past year activities were delivered by the Senior Treasurer Navaratnarajah Priyankan and he said that the balance from the past year budget(Rs.20,000/= ) was handovered to the executive committee for their projects and for the whole responsibilities of past account details were taken by Alahuthurai Printhan.
After all the accounts were duly checked by the members who were presented, the new senior committee was elected. On there, Vishvan was proposed as the Senior Secretary by Sugirjan and seconded by Yanesh and selected as the senior secrectary by all the members unanimously.
Then Yanesh was proposed as the Senior President by Puwaneshwaran Srijan and seconded by Suhirjan and elected as the senior president by all the member unanimously. Then Puwaneshwaran Srijan was proposed as the Senior Treasurer by Thejonayanan and seconded by Sujeeka .
Furthermore, Mithulan was elected as the senior teaching co-ordinator, Thejonayanan was elected as the senior media co-ordinator and Suhirjan was elected as the Senior exam co-ordinator by all the members of new committee unanimously.
Then the committee of past year proposed that Dr.Priyanthan Ruthramoorthy or Kumarasamy Kandeepan should sign if the withdrawal from any of the bank acoounts exceeds Rs.25,000/= and the proposal was accepted by the previous committee and those in-charge persons too.
The new senior committee decided to not to take the responsible of the full accountancy until the previous committee submit the whole bank statements transparently.
Finally the below decisions were taken after the lengthy decisions.

As the issues updated, Ragging should be banned on EIA and the ,membership registration would be annulled those who violate the rule.

As the reports of previous year exposed the benefits of teaching project, it was decided to implement those projects on upcoming years too as well as for the 2020 students.

Based on the discussion among the executive committee it was decided to conduct seminars for those going to sit for the A/L examinations, 2019 . And an idea was taken that the seminar will be done by the well-experienced resource persons.

After the lengthy discussions among the members, the decision was taken that all the fixed accounts will be transferred into a pool account. And savings books will be obtained as the previous committee lost the savings books and it was accpeted by the members.

The Signing authority of the saving accounts will be handed over to those who are easily available persons from the both senior and executive committee. As such, Kumarasamy Khantheepan handovered to senior Secretary Navarasanaathan Vishvaan and senior treasurer Puwaneshwaran Srijan. Inparaj ajithan and Uthayakumaran Neshaprashanth handovered to the executive Secretary Kirishikhaa Pathmarajah (988300039V) and executive treasurer Nallarethnam Sarvaanginan. (992762985V)

Thejonayanan was elected as the responsible person to develop the Education Incentive Association website (www.EIA.lk). And the website should be renewed annually by the media co-ordinator and the minutes should be posted on Facebook page of EIA.

After all the conclusions, senior Secretary read the summary of the meeting and it was accepted by all the members who were presented there. Then the meeting was concluded with the vote of thanks by the senior secretary at around 12 p.m.

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