Education Incentive Association is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary. 25 Years of Success and the journey continues.

Education Incentive Association (EIA) was established with the intention of improving the education in Batticaloa and Ampara districts. Since its inception in early nineties EIA focused on improving the level of Mathematics and Science knowledge among students of all grades. Though the level of education improved over the years, performance in Advance Level Science streams continued to remain very low despite the improvements in lower grades. This prompted EIA to focus its efforts on Advanced Level Science Streams. Thus, current activities are focused on increasing the University entrance in Mathematics and Bio-Science divisions by improving the overall performance and merit based entrance. While providing the students with necessary resources and training, it also focuses on increasing the motivation and competitiveness by constantly engaging in awareness programs for students and parents. EIA continues to stress the importance of increasing the merit based entrance and advocates the vital role of co-operation among the local educational institutions in achieving the goal.
Efforts of the EIA members over the years have brought many successes on the issues it focused on, notably the increase in university quota for Batticaloa in Engineering and Medicine. The increasing effectiveness of EIA could be attributed to the increasing member base from professional fields, increasing cooperation with local institutions, contributions from sponsors and individual donors, and active participation of students and parents.
EIA is mainly comprised of Engineering and Medical undergraduates from Batticaloa and Ampara districts. In accordance to the constitution, EIA covers Batticaloa and Ampara districts and its proximity within context.

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The Address of the Association is as follows:-
Education Incentive Association,

15/2 Trinco road, Gnanasooriyam square, Batticaloa, 30000

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Telephone Numbers
Visvaan (Senior Secretary) :- 0769196042
Sriram Newjithan(President)-0759740145
Nagarajan Sorupan(Vice-president) -0760011062
Delini Sellar (Secretary)- 0765462841
Dineshka Varnakulasingam(Vice secretary)-0759338141
Sivapalasundaram Thanusiyan(Treasurer)-0774798241
Pakiyaraja Thareejan(Editor & Webpage maintenance)-0757283480

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